New Modeling Guidelines for Cosmology

Cosmology is built on fundamental assumptions, and is categorized for definition by different groupings. Standard cosmology and non-standard cosmology – are the first analytical criteria used in the grouping of cosmology modeling.

Generally non-standard models are considered to be all the crackpot ideas while the standard model is to be accepted, taught, and perpetuated by the academic community. However the standard model has known problems which are defined if you want to look them up, also observable abnormalities, and a few/many serious unbelievable and non-logical conclusions.

There is also the division for physical cosmology and religious cosmology. Physical cosmology covers the fundamental questions about the Universe’s formation, evolution, and ultimate fate while religious cosmology is based on religious mythologies as explained by each religion individually. Mythology implies that belief in all and any religion/God is a myth and therefore an unfair stereotyping categorization. The question remains – can God be scientifically analyzed? Scientifically is there any merit in believing in a Creator of/for this Universe?

There are secular and non-secular principles in this world, and generally it is the secular principles that rule cosmology today to dictate and rule the standard and physical cosmological models of cosmology – but secular science does not offer hope and the possibility of an eternal universe created for its inhabitants to occupy forever. It is a science that offers death and does not recognize the possibility of a greater life form or force creating a universe for occupation, which is to be obtain at the set/due time.

It should blow any logical/reasonable mind that there is belief and talk for space colonies, worm holes and time travel as if it was possible for humans. Furthermore the Earth is on limited time as the over population and pollution quickly overtakes the ability for it to sustain the growth that is substantially increasing to the point of a major breakdown that is surely foreseeable and predicable to be within the lifetime of those born today. If the Earth is nearing to a sustainable end wouldn’t it be a good time for a Creator God to make known to his creation that He has been watching, intervening, and showed us the truth and to bring to an end this system of things and lead us to the next set/due time. Is there such a thing as revelation by science?

Science and Revelation by science are based on observations, assumptions by logic, and parameters supported by proofs. Revelation by science will be showed to stand on scientific methodologies, principles and guidelines that are on a surer, stronger foundation than present standard cosmology presently occupies.

Observations Principles:

1. What you see in the small scale – you will see in the larger scale (i.e. atoms and microscopic to universe).
2. Patterns for structure building will repeat if they are useful – broadly and on larger scales.
3. Observations prove that the Universe is created by intelligent design – not by chance or chaos.

Modeling parameters:

1. There is a God Creator.
2. The Universe was created for the abundance, the continuance and sustenance of life eternal.

Logical assumptions:

1. Revelation proves there is a Creator.
2. Testimony as a witness.
3. Prophecy fulfills the purpose of proof.

These are some of the scientific parameters needed to open Revelation by science that will open your eyes to see the Universe for what it is. The Universe is a beautiful place and if there is a God who created it for occupation – that will be opened up for you to see.


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