The Term Universe is Ambiguous & should be Scientifically Redefined.

The description of what is our universe is confusing and generally ambiguous.  There is a need to develop in science methodology a scientific framework for providing clarity, and a way to judge what kind of universe is being proposed for our understanding.  

There are various ideas, models, science statements, hypothesizes, mathematical calculations, theories, etc. that are used to describe the universe. Which ones are useful?  Which ones are the best? Which ones are out to lunch?  Which ones are reasonable?  Which ones are imaginations?  Which ones are weak?

The public and the science community require a system to judge between the different ideas offered for acceptance or consideration for what is our real universe to weed out the junk, determine working models, and recognize the best description for models, theories, mathematical calculations, or for observations. 

I propose a framework of 4 different classifications to judge what type of universe is being described.  There is only one universe, but there are 4 different classifications useful for scrutiny and critical analysis used to determine the quality of the description and workings for the universe.

1. The Visual Universe.  The Visual Universe is our best impression of what is seen by the human visual senses.  It should be recognized that the past is repeatedly littered with wrong conclusions by first impressions of what was visually seen.  Scientifically it should be recognized as a continuous on-going problem and a fundamental human flaw.   Historically wrong visual impressions can be corrected or revised as science advanced.  I propose the Visual Universe is basically an incomplete understanding of the universe because of our limitations of what we visually see and our human limitation for making correct conclusions.

2. The Detectable Universe.  This universe would by definition be supported by the scientific methods.  It would have to be observed affecting the visual universe by instrumentation or by calculation, however occupying the space beyond our ability to visual observe it as it is.  An example that comes to mind are planets revolving around distance stars.

3. The Speculative Universe. This universe is not observed at all and is of the imagination or speculation.  Probably multiverses and worm holes would fall under this category.

4. The Mathematical Proposed Universe.  This universe is purely exploratory mathematics; such as string theory, some aspects of quantum mechanics, and others.   

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