There are two types of electromagnetic spectrum energy momentums – steady flow and explosive flow.

All energy diminishes from high to low – that is a simply fact of nature and is seen in countless examples. The energy from the sun decreases as it leaves the source and so does each star and each energy phenomenon occurring in the universe. Examples are everywhere even in the vacuum of space – which we were told enables energy to go on forever (but not supported by the observations or measurements.)

I already coined a word astromeinradiation for the recording of diminishing and remanent energies from a distance source. Now I am designing another word “dynascale” for the explosive flow.

From the Greek root words:
dyna = power
scal = ladder, stairs

Dynascale radiation is the electromagnetic spectrum fingerprint of a high energy explosive event.

The electromagnetic spectrum fingerprint gives evidence of the nature of the explosion. Why do gamma-rays have different fingerprints?

The dynascale radiation effect is the time length and why for the electromagnetic spectrum frequencies detected in a high energy explosive event from the Universe.  There are laws for physics that cause unique fingerprints to occur. For example one gamma-ray may have a fingerprint of 4 seconds in gamma-rays, 101 minutes in x-ray, 160 minutes in Ultra-violet and no other frequencies are seen. This is an example of dynascale radiation with astromeinradiation (the other spectrum energies visual light, infrared, microwave, and radio waves are not powerful enough to be seen due to distance).  The questions to answer are why are the frequencies fading and/or remaining the way they are.

Additional questions and clues are found in dual succession flares and mufti-flare events due to the fact the time lapses differ from the original flare.

The evidence seems to prove that during a powerful dynascale radiation event each spectrum reaches the earth at different rates, thus the speed of light may be affected by the power of the explosion. This however will require a more detail research and publishing effort which I have only briefly recorded in research.

Present gamma-ray burst measurements are not up to a high standard of scientific methodology needed to prove if Einstein was misled by Maxwell’s equations. The ramification of faster speeds will cause the upheaval for new mathematics and cause more interesting rethinking of what is the true nature of light.  Maybe with the new James Webb space telescope they will be more precise in timing the starts of frequency outputs.

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