Do Fast Radio Burst = Astromeinradiation? reported that for the first time a “fast radio burst” has been detected using an instrument other than the Parkes radio telescope in Australia.

In the article Victoria Kaspi from Montreal’s McGill University said, “The radio waves show every sign of having come from far outside our galaxy – a really exciting prospect.”

Jason Hessels from the University of Amsterdam also said, “The race is now on to figure out what causes these burst.”

An international team of scientist who study these burst estimated that there are about 10,000 each day over the whole sky.

My hypothesis is that the mysterious fast radio bursts are  the last remanent of the electromagnetic spectrum from a distance high energy event such a pulsar, nova, gamma-ray burst, magnetar flares, or merger of neutron stars – that occurred in the location of space beyond the vision spectrum – another example for an astromeinradiation observation.

These bursts are in fact from very distance locations because they are for the most part the last remanent from a dynascale radiation event.  The most distance are probably very distance and very large gamma-ray bursts.

Astromeinradiation and dynascale are words designed using Greek root words to clarify electromagnetic spectrum radiation patterns observed. Use the hyperlinks above to read the definitions.

If you agree, or disagree, or need clarification – please comment and support public collaboration.

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