Phenomenalism from the Greek phainomenon (appearance) philosophically means any system of thought that has to with appearances.   “The difficulties present in the dualism of phenomenon and object have led a number of philosophers to the position of phenomenalism.” [Dictionary of Philosophy and Religion Eastern and Western Thought, W.L. Reese, Humanities Press]

If the descriptions and conclusions for an observation are altered in any way by conditions of perception due to phenomenalism, discombobulating science is created.  To discombobulate is to become confused or stymied.  Phenomenalism is a problem in astrophysics that leads to science going down the wrong path that causes confusion and stifles the true nature found in cosmology.

Phenomenalism is hardly recognized in scientific methodology for understanding the universe and I propose we develop and build a new branch of scientific methodology specifically called Astrophysics Phenomenalism to explore, identify and recognize the causes and effects that produce phenomenalism.

In simpler terms two or more events occurring or processes taking place at the same time is contemporaneous, which can also used to described Astrophysics Phenomenalism.   An observation may contemporaneous, appearing at the observation level to the senses an apparent perception and descriptive experience of what is seen, but occurring from the source some distance further and time earlier – the original true and whole phenomenon unlike our summarized descriptions and/or conclusions.  This is the dualism of a phenomenon which without recognition of phenomenalism an incomplete and often a discombobulated description of the object are given.

Astrophysics Phenomenalism can be overcome by developing observation principles for earth observers.  Observation principles are tools for an observer to discern the true and whole phenomenon of the source.  To discern by scientific methodology to determine if they are measuring the aftereffect or residue of an original source, or the actual source to determine the correct description or summary of the phenomenon observed.

The first observation principles are in my science paper Observation Principles for an earth Observer at     Observation principles are developed in the science paper by providing examples of observations with measurements, which after the results and discussions section, I state in the conclusion section, the observation principles gained by analytical and comparative reasoning.

In a nutshell there is a fundamental principle that observation from the universe may be contemporaneous, depending on distances and energy detection which is supported in the paper by conclusions from empirical scientific methodology from natural and controlled laboratory experimental observations.

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