The Discovery of the Red Shift Theory

To mankind the Doppler Effect seemed to be the only cause for the red shift, but there were the abnormalities that didn’t add up. For me it was; I perceived a different expanding universe (which will be scientifically explained later to replace the Big bang) that was not an expanding cloud that was speeding away at an increasing rate at the edges.  I tried to fit the model of the redshift described into the new model of the true expanding universe but could not make it fit.

I knew the Doppler Effect had to be wrong and the universe I wanted to describe and reveal could not be justified till I disproved the Doppler Effect with the true reason.  I then set my mind to find the true cause of the redshift that took about six months of research, a bit of luck, and even prayer to God asking Him to let me be the one to discover the true cause for seeing the red-shifting of distance objects in the Universe.

In 2005 I received the Christmas gift I wished for – a crystal CN Tower with a 3 colour LED battery powered pedestal. The LED rotated in lighting on and off the colours, blue, yellow, and red.  One colour would light up then dim to off and then the next colour would light up, dim to off, and then the next colour – in a continuous succession of blue, yellow, red.  I left it on to admire it.

January 2006 I walked into the room and noticed the blue LED was not working but was black in the rotation cycle.  I thought strange, and wasn’t sure if the electronic circuit was defected or if the blue LED was burned-out.  I left the pedestal operating.  Some days later I walked into the room again and saw only the red LED working.   At that instance I knew I was seeing the true cause of the red shift.  I thought we only see red because the light energy reaching us from the distance objects are low and not strong enough to be a blue colour.

The battery lost power and  the energy necessary for the colours diminished until it could no longer be seen – in the same way when light from a distance object is received – if weak – the high energy will not be detected.  From there I developed the Red Shift Theory that lead to unlocking other great perplexing mysteries of the universe (which will be revealed later using scientific methodologies, new principles and laws).

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