There is the present hypothesis that space is expanding and that light gets stretched into the red. This hypothesis has been developed from Hubble’s Law which is considered to be the measurement of light being stretched into the red as space is expanding.  A whole field of “weird or strange” science has been developed from this conclusion such as the metric expansion of space, the sure evidence for the big bang model, and more.

The Red Shift Theory (see video below) developed from the conclusions of the LED experiment shows us that light energy detected is either weak or strong.   In the visual electromagnetic spectrum blue light is a higher energy light colour and the weakest energy colour light is red.  The light energy from distance objects seen is weaker thus red.

I submit a new hypothesis (for testing) gained from understanding the LED experiment results: The cosmological redshift and the redshift  is not caused from space expanding that stretches light or the Doppler Effect for distance objects but because the energy detected is weaker.

Light from distance objects is not an all powerful force that goes on forever but there is a limitation to its strength.  If you are nearby you see all its force if you are far away you only see part of it.  It is our detection of weaker and weaker energy that is causing the spectrum lines to move down to the red end of the spectrum.

Yes the Doppler Effect can be observed for nearby stars and galaxies but the Doppler Effect energy is weak and does not extend pass a certain point of influence. Due to the long distances involved after a certain point its effect is no longer detectable. The stronger measurement is instead affected by the energy level detected by the Earth observer and not the Doppler Effect or the expansion of space.  Light cannot be stretched but instead the longer waves are the recording of weaker energy levels from distances light sources.

There is no such thing as expanding space pulling the galaxies and stars away from each observer in the universe.  That is an ideology that cannot be supported scientifically and destroyed from the results of the LED experiment with observations in the universe of weaker energy detection to back it up.  Also electromagnetic spectrum and light energy mathematics support the existence of weaker energy being possible whereas where is the mathematical support for momentum that would suggest a weak force could create a infinite momentum of a particle without loss of mass?

Mankind has a history of being confused in understanding the facts – stretched light is one of them.  I challenge you to comment on the new hypothesis in the comments below to agree or state your challenges.


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