Theoretical physics with observational abnormalities, list of unsolved mysteries, physical paradoxes, or no-way physics type explanations are areas where one could apply scientific methodologies using the science method and scientifically falsify and/or make a scientific discovery.

The first step would be to ask the questions such as, where are the admitted problems that need solving, or what are the abnormalities known, or what needs more clarification, and spend a lot of time researching those areas.  Gather up related data to increase your knowledge and provide that opportunity for an eureka moment or a systematic solution.

Often feedback and intelligent discussions will lead to finding new answers or lead to improvements.  Forums with other people who like to discuss new ideas, or stick up for or challenge old ideas – is a great place to develop and discover – as long as you’re not censored or reprimanded for not toeing the line by elite scholarly prejudice or guidelines.   It has to be a site that encourages free flow of ideas, knowledge and questions – which is not always the case on some sites.

Social networks including scientific ones would also be a good place for feedback and further developing your hypothesis and methods of explanation.

I also find designing a storyboard or PowerPoint for use in a presentation always lead to discovering new ideas and developing new results/solutions/explanations.

Plan and develop strategies to market your research to keep it active in open science and/or publishing to feed the opportunities or open up making a scientific breakthrough from networking, publishing, and discussion.

Astrophysics is not the only field that solutions can be found – apply these ideas to the science field you’re interested in to see if they lead to making new scientific discoveries.

Create fun doing it and the rewards are worth it – on the way to finding scientific discovery.

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