As a person interested in astronomy and astrophysics (or any science) there are various reasons why you would want to develop a research project.

Academically it is very important, but personally scientific research is exciting and there is an endless supply of topics to research and discover.  Not only is it exciting personally but there is a huge market potential if the public is made to be interested in it.

How can you make money with the science of astronomy or astrophysics?  Pick a subject and research it – write e-books, publish science papers, network with other liked minded people, get an academic advancement,  make a documentary,  start a new career, win the Nobel prize, the list goes on to develop into something very interesting and rewarding.

To develop a professional changing scientific method research project, the framework used is the combination of a science method project and a research proposal, with a marketing plan. 

1.   There is a problem statement.

2.   The rationale for the research. 

3.   The research objectives.

4.   A hypothesis formed to support the research proposal.

5.   Review of history and up-to-date knowledge of the topic.

6.   The importance of the research.

7.   The participants (your team, mentors, collaborators, etc.)

8.   Research design.

9.   Data collection, implications, conclusions.

10. Marketing plan

There are lots of opportunities and topics to do research work with in astronomy and astrophysics but you got to know how to find them with the right skills and tools.  I will introduce to you observational scientific principles that you can use, in latter blogs. 

I will also blog on marketing plans. 

Keep in touch – join this network with your comments and social media platforms to learn how to contribute in public collaboration and open science.

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