The Doppler Effect for the redshifting of light observed from the Universe is one of the two pillars used to support the Big Bang Theory.  The other is the observation of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation which was predicted to exist in 1948 and then in 1965, found to exist, to which in 1978 the discoverers received the Nobel Prize for Physics.

One of the problems of the Big Bang theory is the rewind calculates into an unrealistic, unbelievable, and outrageous mathematical reality that says the creation of this Universe started from the size smaller than a pea and remarkably somehow expanded by a process called inflation to the size it is today in 35th billionth of a second.

Also there are still the undiscovered theoretical existence of dark matter and dark energy to substantiate the Doppler Effect as the reason for the Redshift. Common sense and logic says the jury should be out until these two supporting missing pieces for the puzzle are confirmed with certainly before the Big Bang can be called a theory.  It is a fact that no matter how hard standard cosmology scientists try to make the Big Bang into a theory, it’s only a working model that tries to make the redshifting observed fit into a working mathematical equation that is unrealistic, improbable, and flawed because by most scientific definitions, fundamentally unsupportable.

The fundamental problem with the Big Bang Theory is that there are no empirical experiments as a foundation to support it.  I proposed the Experimentum Crucis (English: crucial experiment or critical experiment) for the electromagnetic spectrum as the key that will unlock for humankind the beginning of understanding for the true structure of the Universe.  It was when I decided to write laws to describe what I first observed, that the true meaning of what I had discovered began to unravel.  The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation is not the proof that the Big Bang happened but the recording of weak energy from the rest of the Universe.

I begin unraveling the hidden mysteries of the electromagnetic spectrum with this first video that proves blue shifting cannot be seen if the light output is weakening over distances, and the process called Astrophysics Phenomenalism begins to take over.  Astrophysics Phenomenalism is when two or more events or processes are taking place at the same time, appearing at the observation level to the senses as an apparent descriptive experience but occurring from the source some distance further and time earlier the true and whole phenomenon which is unlike of our summarized descriptions and conclusions.

The Astrophysics Phenomenalism dualism seen for light is – as distances begin to increase we begin to stop measuring the Doppler Effect from the source and begin to measure the weakening energy of the light detected.  The spectral lines begin to move into the weaker energy levels – this is an observable property of light and a simply fact that does not require the existence of unrealistic, unbelievable, and amazing feats of physics for matter, energy, and space that are only supported and conjured by mathematical formulas.

I also found supporting observations in the natural for additional empirical evidence, which will confirm and substantiate that as energy levels change the spectral lines are observed to move accordingly – which will be revealed in a future blog.

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