The Laboratory Electromagnetic Spectrum Experimentum Crucis

There are a lot of controversies regarding the current and dominant Big Bang Theory, which causes some professional and laypeople to doubt that the theory is correct.  

The two main fundamental pillars of support for the Big Bang Theory are the redshifting of distance objects and the seeing of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR).

The Experimentum Crucis:

I propose a laboratory experiment as an experimentum crucis.  The results of the crucial experiment offer a new conclusion for seeing the redshifting of distance objects and for the existence of the CMBR. 

The solid state physics of LED’s create pure electromagnetic (EM) spectrum energy as confirmed by the existence of LED’s that are UV light, infrared light (IR), or of individual specific colours of the visual spectrum.

In the laboratory setting attach into a parallel circuit a blue LED, a red LED, and an IR LED to a variable DC power supply. 

Using a video camera (to see the light from the IR LED) begin the experiment by supplying enough energy to light all 3 LED’s.  Start decreasing the power supply.   As the energy level is decreased you will observe that the blue LED is the first EM spectrum frequency to disappear followed by the disappearance of the red EM frequency, to which the IR EM frequency is the only remaining  spectrum shinning.  Continue decreasing the energy level the IR light will also disappear.

The Conclusion:

If the light energy detected from the distance object is weak the higher energy EM spectrum cannot be detected. 


Many hypothesizes can be formulated from the results of this experiment to which I will offer a few.

1.       Light distance is affected by energy strength not time.

2.       Light does not stretch from space expanding but because the energy detected is weak.

3.       IR galaxies at the edge of the universe are not baby galaxies but the detection of low energies of distance normal galaxies.

4.       The redshift of distance objects is caused by the diminishing of observable electromagnetic energy as distances increase.

5.       The CMBR is the last lights of galaxies and clusters beyond the visual spectrum.

There are many more.

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